SCA 50th International Open Juried Exhibition Catalogue / SAC 50ème Exposition-concours internationale Catalogue

Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication
ISBN / ISMN 978-1-7750038-3-0
Publisher: Society of Canadian Artists / Société des artistes canadiens
Catalogue Design / Conception du catalogue: DEL ART
Production: Nova Printing
Director of Exhibitions / Directrice des expositions: Karin Richter, SCA
Translation / Traduction: Raymond Quenneville, SCA
Editor / Éditrice: Ann Kruzelecky, SCA
Cover: Detail of Balance, Brandy Saturley (BC)
Couverture: Détails de Balance de Brandy Saturley (BC)
LINK: SCA_50th_Int_Open_Juried_Exhibit_catalogue